A New Part Three Training Qualification?

adi training Apr 05, 2024

"There was an interesting post on Facebook this morning. I regret seeing it because it’s going to take over my morning as I now have to write this piece. (Incidentally, I recently discovered that I was spending almost 4 hours per day on my phone. 25% of the time I spend awake. I had to make some changes.)

Anyway. I was on Facebook. And the DITC asked what I would do if I was CEO of the DVSA.

Now, the DVSA is in a mess which means that it was no surprise to see ADIs calling them out on the current shambles of test waiting times, lack of examiners, lack of budget from the DfT etc. 

Gareth Marchant got me thinking, though. He suggested separating vehicle testing from training and moving the training side out of the Department of Transport and into the Department of Education. Wise man. Great start.

The first thing that came to mind for me when I looked at the post was how would I overhaul the ADI training system. How would I change things for a better future, as opposed...

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