The 2023 Bright Coaching Gratitude List

As we look back on 2023, we wanted to recognise the support that’s come our way since the launch of our new training company.

So here, in descending order, is The 2023 Bright Coaching Gratitude List.

In 5th place, thank you to the academics. In particular, Lisa Dorn, Liz Box, and Ian Edwards. All three are consistently happy to engage with the ADI community, recognising the limitations of the DVSA system within which we operate. The work they do is the backbone of the PDA Level 7 in Coaching, Behavioural Change, and Driver Development.


In 4th place, thank you to the ADINJC and Intelligent Instructor for providing the conference platforms which have provided so much value and inspiration to so many PDIs, ADIs, and Trainers over the past few years. These events remain the biggest “bang for your buck” CPD around.


In 3rd place, thank you to Lou Walsh. Lou died during preparations for a three-day Bright Coaching/Lou Walsh Training Event in Scotland. Her...

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