Behavioural Interventions

behavioural change Mar 19, 2024

At Bright Coaching, we recognise and understand the importance of behaviour on road safety. Drivers do not crash because of a lack of skill - they crash because of decisions made internally, and these decisions are often sub-conscious and based on desired outcomes.

 For example, a young driver may choose to speed to impress his friends. Or a delivery driver may attempt a dangerous overtaking manoeuvre so she avoids getting into trouble from her boss for being late. Or a son driving on the motorway chooses to answer a call from his mother on his hand-held mobile because she’s rang once already - it could be urgent.

As driving instructors, our responsibility is to keep up to date with the latest research on the evidence-based methods which have been shown to have an effect on behavioural decisions.


 Because informing young people of potential consequences of risky driving behaviour is no longer enough. 

 Why not?

 Because young people are...

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Azjen's Theory of Planned Behaviour

behavioural change Feb 21, 2024

Why do we behave the way that we do?

And more annoyingly, why do we not follow through on what we thought were desired behaviours?

What influences young people when it comes to behaviour?


The Theory of Planned Behaviour (Azjen, 1991) is a model which attempts to explain. 


This short webinar is part of the Pre-Work for the Bright Coaching Professional Diploma in Coaching, Behavioural Change, and Driver Psychology. 

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